Balasaheb Thackery Gorewada International Zoo

About us

Gorewada Zoo was officially inaugurated at the hands of Hon. Chief Minister Shri. Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray on 26th January 2021and was opened to the public from 27th January 2021.

The zoo was renamed as Balasaheb Thackeray Gorewada International Zoological Park in the honor of Late leader Balasaheb Thackeray at the time of inauguration.

The zoo is envisioned to be the largest zoological Park in India with truly International components. The zoo is planned in 539 Ha with components like Indian Safari, African Safari, Night Safari, Archeological Theme Park, etc. At present Indian Safari is opened for public.


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Activities @ Wild Gorewada
Jungle Safari
Jungle Drive

Gorewada Forest is spread across 1914Ha and it surrounds Gorewada Lake – the drinking water source of Nagpur city. It is a dry deciduous scrub forest.

Leopard safari
Leopard Safari

There are seven leopards in this 25 Hectare drive through exhibit. The leopard has a theme of human dominated degraded forest landscape.

Bear Safari
Bear Safari

Bear Safari is built on a natural savannah and deciduous forest landscape. This 25 Hectare drive through exhibit has six bears.

Tiger Safari
Tiger Safari

Our Show stopper Rajkumar and Lee welcome you in this 25 Hectare drive through enclosure. This exhibit has a theme of central Indian Jungles where our celebrity tigers are awaiting.

Herbivore Safari
Herbivore Safari

Herbivore Safari passes through forest and natural streams spread in over 40 Hectare area. World’s rarest deer- Sangai (Brow-antlered Deer) is our prize collection.

Bio park
Gorewada Bio-Park

Enjoy breathtaking views of Gorewada Lake with 100’s of resident and migratory birds from our BioPark. It is a 5km walk along the shores of Gorewada lake through natural forest.

List of Board of Directors 

NameEx OfficioPosition on the Board
Shri Vikas Gupta, IFS Managing Director, FDCM Ltd.
Shri Maheep Gupta, IFSPrincipal Chief Conservator of Forest (Wildlife)Nominee Director
Shri Vivek Hoshing, IFSDeputy Secretary (Forest),
Revenue and Forest Department, Mantralaya, Mumbai
Nominee Director
Smt. Seema NanhoreChief Audit Officer, FDCM Ltd.Nominee Director

List of Team Members

NamePositionBrief Profile
Shri Chandrasekaran Bala N., IFSChief Executive OfficerChief of the Company
Shri Shatanik BhagwatZoo DirectorIn-charge of BTGIZP
Shri Arjun TyagiProject ManagerDevelopment and
Maintenance of the Project
Shri Dipak SawantGeneral CuratorAnimal Management
CS Abhijit PashineCompany SecretaryCompany Law, Accounts and
Additional Charge of HR
Shri Amit ZurmureAccount AssistantAccounts Department
Shri Abhijit SononeStoreKeeperStore Department

History of Gorewada


Gorewada Zoo foundation

The Foundation

In 2006, the Government of Maharashtra identified land of approximately forest land admeasuring 1914 Ha for establishing the project adjacent to the Gorewada Lake and at 8 km from the heart of Nagpur.

01 July 2015

Gorewada Zoo proposal to CZA

The Proposal

In May 2015, the new and improved proposal was submitted to CZA. This proposal outlined the topography, flora and fauna, requirements, and areas of development. 

April 2021

Gorewada Zoo inauguration by Ex-Chief Minister of Maharashtra

The Start

Officially inaugurated by Hon. Chief Minister Shri. Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray on 26th January 2021 and was opened to the public from 27th January 2021. 

Project Components

Indian Safari & Gond Village Walking Trail

Experience the diverse range of safaris at Indian Safari, including Leopard Safari, Sloth Bear Safari, Herbivore Safari, and Tiger Safari. Immerse yourself in the thrilling encounters with these magnificent creatures. To further enrich your wildlife adventure, the safari also features Gond Village and a captivating walking trail, where you can observe and appreciate the fascinating world of smaller animals and reptiles. Explore these exciting extensions of Indian Safari and delve into the wonders of nature up close.

Gorewada Rescue Centre
Rescue Centre 

Rescue Center at Gorewada International Zoological Park—an exceptional off-exhibit facility that plays a crucial role in the conservation of wildlife. This center serves as a premier treatment facility for wild animals in the surrounding regions, providing them with the specialized care they need. Boasting one of the most advanced veterinary facilities in central India, the Rescue Center is at the forefront of wildlife rehabilitation and conservation efforts. 

Upcoming Attractions

Discover the highly anticipated upcoming attraction at Gorewada International Zoological Park. Get ready to be captivated by this exciting addition to the park's offerings, designed to provide an unforgettable experience.

African Safari &
Kop-je walk

Gorewada will be India’s first dedicated African theme zoo & Safari. The African safari is designed to mimic natural savannah habitats of Africa having moated carnivore enclosures and free ranging herbivores. The unique design concept would facilitate visitors to see herbivores and carnivores at the same time on either side of vehicle without any barrier.

Night Safari

Discover the captivating allure of Night Safari or Night Zoo at Gorewada, where you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of nocturnal wildlife. Operating from sunset until midnight, this unique experience allows you to witness the active and vibrant behavior of carnivores and large mammals, who come alive during the late evening hours. By visiting the night zoo, you can observe these majestic creatures in their natural state without disturbing their circadian rhythm. It's no wonder that night zoos have become a popular sensation, providing families with an ideal destination for quality time after a long day at work

Deep Time Trail

Embark on a captivating journey through the Deep Time Trail, a unique fusion of arts, science, and technology that offers an engaging and informative experience about the evolution of our planet. Explore the vast geological time scale and unravel the mysteries of the Earth's transformation over time. This innovative attraction combines artistry and scientific knowledge to answer fundamental questions about the origin of the universe, the remarkable evolution of life, past extinctions, and the future of our world.

Theme Park

Gorewada is famous for its archeologically important megalithic stone circles. These ancient structures date back to 400 to 200 BC. Many excavations and archaeological discoveries have revealed mysteries of social life of ancient central India. This theme park will highlight such discoveries and learnings from the past.

Prehistoric Animals (Dinosaur Theme) Park

This section was conceived as an ultramodern animatronics world of Dinosaurs and extinct animals. The emphasis is given to Dinosaur species found in Indian Subcontinent. Various fossils of plants and animals recovered in Central India can also be exhibited in this part.

Exotic Aviary & Rainforest Theme Park

This section will house beautiful and colourful birds from tropical region. The Dense vegetation on site is suitable for developing a rainforest theme park. Variety of Primates from all over the world will be a great tourist attraction.

Tribal Village Trail

The central Indian landscape is endowed with tribal history and culture. Many tribes have survived here for thousands of years. Their lifestyle, art and culture has always been a curiosity to outside world. A tribal village is dedicated to this cultural heritage.

Nature Trail at Gorewada (Bio-Park)

A nature trail is developed along the Gorewada lake to enjoy beauty of this lake. This lake attracts thousands of migratory waterfowls during winters. This place is popular among bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. This trail is also popular among the cycling enthusiasts of Nagpur.

Reserve Forest

Located within the magnificent Gorewada Reserve Forest, this natural landscape boasts a rich diversity of wild flora and fauna. Experience the wonders of this untamed wilderness through an exhilarating Jungle Drive safari, where you can explore the thriving habitats of various wildlife species. Since its inception in 2014, the Jungle Drive has provided nature enthusiasts with an immersive and memorable adventure amidst this stunning natural environment.

Commercial Zone

In addition to the zoo and wildlife activities, a dedicated commercial zone focused on tourism is planned for the non-forest area in close proximity. This expansive facility is set to offer a range of attractions, including an exciting amusement park, luxurious resorts, delectable dining options, exclusive clubs, and essential infrastructure to enhance the overall tourism experience. Prepare to be enthralled by the array of entertainment and leisure opportunities in this tourism-centric commercial zone. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or indulgence, this upcoming destination promises to cater to your every need, ensuring a truly memorable and enjoyable visit.

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Zoo Safari
  • Balasaheb Thackeray Gorewada International Zoological Park, Katol Rd, Bodhala,Near Fetri, Nagpur Maharashtra India 441501
Jungle Drive
  • Gorewada Jungle Drive, Katol Rd, Bodhala, Nagpur Maharashtra India 441501
Bio Park & Walk-in Trail

Gorewada Bio Park, Mankapur Ring Rd, Nagpur, Maharashtra India 440013